Classic Wineglass Design Marrit Ergonomic Office Chair

Wineglass-Meaning always give happiness cheers mood at the successful and joyful moment.

We adopt the aluminum metal feeling to lays out the stylish and elegant shape of the wineglass, put the soul of the wineglass into the structure of the product, support Marrit chair (Marrit Chairs) noble artistic temperament to meet the winners joy.

As a Top Selling Ergonmic Chair Supplier, we know it's quite important to design a chair with full support functions. The earliest ergonomic chair designed by GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), a leading mesh office chair factory, with multi-functional wire control system, has 11 functions, offering a full range adjustment to meet our needs, the design is beyond the domestic design style, comparable to international similar products.


Paddle Shift Wire Control Armrest System

Classic Wine Glass Backrest Frame


Headrest Height

Headrest Angle

Headrest Rotate

Backrest Tilt

Backrest Tilt Tension

Backrest Angle

Lumbar Support Height

Seat Height

Seat Depth

Armrest Height

Armrest Angle


Black PA Engineering Plastic

Polished Aluminum Alloy

Korean Wintex Mesh LP Series

Foam Lumbar Support

Paddle Shift Wire Control Armrest

Black PA Plastic Arm Frame, PU Cover

Double Spring Wire Control Mechanism

Korea Samhongsa Class IV Gas Lift

350mm Polished Aluminum Base

65mm PU Casters


By GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) | Executive Ergonomic Chair Manufacturer


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